City Inspectors Will Be Back at the Stop & Shop Tuesday

An inspectional services note says the grocery store was closed "for the protection of public health"

A Stop & Shop grocery store in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood has been shut down due to evidence of mice.

According to a notice posted in the window of the store at 460 Blue Hill Ave., the Boston Inspectional Service Department has ordered the premises closed "for the protection of public health." The notice does not say why the store was closed, only that it was determined that "an imminent hazard exists" requiring the immediate suspension of operations.

A handwritten sign in the entrance of the store says it is closed "due to maintenance," and encourages shoppers to visit the Dorchester location instead.

Boston Inspectional Services says they found decomposing mice inside, rodent droppings, a dead rat outside by the dumpster, and fruit flies in the basement, indicating rotting fruit and vegetables. 

Residents say they're disgusted.

"We are in the middle of a place that doesn't have a lot of income so we're irrelevant to most people but they don't care about us,"  says Ada Smith, a customer of the store.

City Inspectional Services says they initially went to the market Friday acting on a tip, and told the store to clean up. However, they say they shut it down Monday after a more thorough inspection.

Phil Tracey, a Stop & Shop spokesman, said the store was temporarily shut down due to "evidence of mice, which may be attributable to nearby demolition and construction activity." He said the company is working with the city to address the conditions and bring the store into compliance.

He said the store will remain closed until re-inspection on Tuesday.

"We apologize for this inconvenience to our Roxbury customers and commit to do our very best to ensure that this situation does not reoccur," Tracey said

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