New England Aquarium Crews Rescue Stranded Dolphin

The dolphin's fate is still unclear

Crews with the New England Aquarium rescued a dolphin after it stranded itself in a Massachusetts marsh along a canal.

Two other dolphins were successfully taken from the same Plymouth canal to open water on Sunday.

The marsh trapped the female dolphin after it was swimming in shallow water along the canal, according to wildlife officials.

Bob Benassi, who was also there for the Sunday rescue, called the aquarium after noticing the dolphin Monday morning, and was concerned it wouldn't make it to open water before the tide went out.

"We were all in the water, I had my waders on and got to carry them right in and it was so great because originally they were trying to tell us they probably weren't going to be able to save them," he said.

New England Aquarium officials believe a possible bacterial infection found in some of the stranded dolphins contributed to the small spike in stranding along the coast this year.

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