Student Wakes to Find Strange Man Rubbing Her Arm in Dorm

A Tufts University student woke in her dorm room early Saturday morning to find a strange man rubbing her arm, police say.

According to Tufts University Police, the student woke up just before 4 a.m. to find a man she did not know touching her at Wren Hall in Medford, Massachusetts.

The student called campus police. Officers searched the area and did not find the suspect.

"It kind of comes as a shock, especially considering that Tufts seems like a safe bubble," said sophomore Sarah Nechamkin.

Students told necn it's not uncommon to hold doors for strangers, letting them into dorms. They also said many students don't lock their dorm room doors.

"It's actually like common practice," said sophomore Chloe Boehm. "I don't know of anyone who like routinely locks their doors, really."

The man is described as being between 5'8 and six feet tall, with short black hair. He was wearing a dark shirt at the time.

Anyone with information is asked to call (617) 627-3030.

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