Supporters Stand by Donald Trump After Debate

The election is about two sets of policies — Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's.

Like millions of Americans, Amy Carnevale was watching Sunday as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went head-to-head in their second contentious debate.

"I think Donald Trump did a lot to redeem himself in the eyes of the American public by apologizing and shifting focus on to Clinton," she said.

Carnevale is voting for Trump, though she doesn't exactly fit the profile of a classic Trump supporter. She is the mother of three, a full-time working professional from a North Shore suburb.

She says she was disappointed when the 2005 video was released showing Donald Trump making crude remarks, bragging about sexually assaulting women.

"Particularly as a mother and a female professional, I found the remarks disturbing," she said.

But not so disturbing as to disqualify him in her mind.

So what will she tell her children when they are old enough to understand her choice?

"I would say it's a teachable moment," Carnevale said. "It's a chance to talk to your kids about what is right and wrong and about being morally strong and what it means to be a leader."

As an active Republican, Carnevale knows Trump is far from perfect, but she feels Clinton and her proven "failed policies" would be much worse.

Despite rising poll numbers for Clinton, Carnevale still feels this race is far from over.

"We still have what, 29 days until the election?" she said. "That's a lifetime, and there's a lot that could happen between now and then, so I would not count him out."

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