Suspect Crashes While Running From Police in Brockton, Massachusetts

A police pursuit ended in a violent crash Tuesday night in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Police chased the driver through the streets until he ended up in the woods off North Ash Street -- a dead-end road.

The driver was taken away in the back seat of a police cruiser.

Investigators on the scene say he had been pulled over for a traffic stop. But they say he took off -- that led to a chase. At one point, the driver allegedly almost hit a police officer.

"A little erratic, but then he slowed it down, then he aimed purposely at an officer, hit a vehicle," said Brockton Police Sgt. Mark Celia. "The chase came down to a dead end where he couldn't go any further."

Neighbors say it's typically a quiet street, but packed with kids, especially on a warm night, so it's fortunate nobody was hit.

"Especially in summer, there's a lot of kids playing around, riding bikes," said neighbor Arnaldo Depina.

The Hummer was towed away a short time later. Police say it had been stolen from another town. Decals on the vehicle indicate it may have come from a dealership.

Police say the driver was somewhat cooperative when the chase came to an end.

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