Suspect In Armed Barricaded Standoff With Police in Chelsea, Mass. Found Dead

Massachusetts State Police say a man who barricaded himself inside a home in Chelsea Monday night and fired at officers, has died.

According to police, shortly after 9 p.m. officers were called to 80 Warren Ave. after a report of Kelly Pastrana, 38, threatening to shoot his wife. The domestic altercation resulted in Pastrana chasing his wife out of the home and across the street to another house, where he allegedly shot the gun in the direction of the room in which his wife and daughter were hiding.

Pastrana then returned to the home on 80 Warren Ave. and fired multiple times from inside the house at the first-responding Chelsea police officers.

Pastrana then barricaded himself inside the house. Numerous state and local police officers responded and confirmed Pastrana's wife and daughter were not in the house, at which time they set up a perimeter to make sure the suspect could not flee.

Neighbors were safely evacuated from their homes. 

During the standoff, Pastrana pointed the gun outside a window and fired multiple shots at the police. Officers returned fire, at which time a Chelsea officer suffered a hand injury. The injury was not a result of being shot.

While negotiators were trying to talk with Pastrana, he apparently started a fire in the home's garage. As time passed the fire spread from the garage to the main structure and came out through the roof.

Chelsea firefighters had to fight the fire from a distance, due to the threat of gunfire. The home suffered extensive fire damage.

Chelsea's police chief said Pastrana was found dead from a gunshot wound inside the home around 2 a.m. Tuesday. It’s unknown at this point if the wound was self-inflicted.

Patrana's family said he had been having problems but they never could have imagined that something like this would happen.

His brother, Roberto Ortiz, said he arrived to the home as soon as he heard what happened.

"I couldn't do nothing. Probably could have done something if they would have let me talk to him," Ortiz said.

Cousin Emanuel Santiago Ortiz is also shocked over the tragedy.

"Nobody could tell me he was a bad guy because he was not. We all have problems," Santiago Ortiz said.

The incident remains under investigation.

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