Suspect in Marblehead, Mass. Swaps Residents' Bikes with Old Bikes

According to police in Marblehead, Massachusetts, someone has been stealing bikes from around the town.

"It is strange," said Sarah McDonough, who works at a local chocolate shop.

But, there is a catch to this fishy story.

Investigators said when the suspect steals a bike, he is leaving behind an older, junkier bike. Police have at least five similar reports, but there could be more victims.

"That’s just weird," 13-year-old Rei Newman said. “It is kind of like unsettling, because nothing really gets stolen.”

Newman’s bike was recently stolen. In its place, an old green bike was left behind.

“If they have a bike, I don’t know why they need to get another one,” she said. “That’s what the police said - they just upgraded. They just threw a bad bike on the street.”

“I came out and it was just gone,” McDonough said.

McDonough's bike was also recently stolen.

If you know anything about these bike thefts you are asked to call Marblehead Police.

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