Taunton, Massachusetts Police Sued for Alleged Assault

Joseph O'brien says Taunton police assaulted him inside the police station

A federal lawsuit has been filed against several members of the Taunton, Massachusetts, police department after video surfaced of alleged excessive force by police officers. 

Two years ago, Joseph O'Brien says Taunton police assaulted him inside the police station, which resulted in a concussion. O'Brien's claims he was obeying officers' commands inside the booking room, when one of the officers yanked O'Brien's arm around his neck. O'Brien then pulled the officer to the ground.

The Taunton Daily Gazette reports that Detective Robert Kramer, a defendant in the lawsuit, said, "I have no comment, no comment."

On June 1,2014 O'Brien was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge before the alleged assault in the police station. O'Brien was found not guilty of that charge.

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