Teen Who Survived Shooting Near Boston School Mourns Slain Cousin

A Boston teenager who survived a shooting Wednesday in the city's Dorchester neighborhood is speaking exclusively to necn about his cousin, who was killed in the incident.

Eric McKoy was with Raekwon Brown when someone opened fire near Jeremiah E. Burke High School. The shooting left Brown dead.

McKoy, a 17-year-old from Dorchester, was just released from Boston Medical Center. He says he and two cousins, including Brown, were outside after a fire alarm went off ins the school. When they heard gunfire, he started running down a dead end street, not knowing his cousin was lying on the ground.

"I got shot," McKoy said. "My cousin got shot and my other cousin is dead."

McKoy does not remember much about what happened in the moments after the shots were fired. He said he did not even realize he was shot until he was a few blocks away asking for help.

"We ran behind somebody's house on a dead end street," he said. "There were fences back there, but I couldn't hop it because my leg, my leg was


When McKoy got to the hospital, he learned Brown did not make it. But before he died, McKoy said, Brown helped save the life of an elderly woman who was grazed by a bullet.

"She got caught in the cross-fire," McKoy said. "Raekwon pushed her out of the way."

McKoy still has two bullets in the lower half of his body and fragments in his stomach. He said he does not plan on returning to Burke High School.

"I'm not concerned about who did it. I'm not concerned about why they did it," McKoy said. "But I did what I was supposed to do. I was there for my family."

McKoy said he wants justice, but in the meantime, he is focused on a music project that he plans on dedicating to his cousin.

The loss, he says, is just starting to sink in.

"I was with him the day before that. The day before that. The day before that," McKoy said of his cousin. "And I won't be able to be with him anymore."

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