This Famous Face Was Attached to A Sign to Battle Speeding

On a street known for speed, one Boston elementary school gym teacher had enough. So he turned to one of New England's most famous faces. 

"Tom Brady is the GOAT, the greatest of all time," Sam Balto, a physical education teacher at David Ellis Elementary School in Roxbury. 

On Wednesday, Balto, in partnership with WalkBoston, attached Tom Brady's face to the top of a crosswalk sign, and people noticed. 

"It's something to look at, you know," said one man as he picked up a kid at school. "Cars be coming over here flying." 

"That's a good idea. Brady is a hero," another man said. "I slow down anyway." 

"We encourage people to put a Brady on it," Brendan Kearney, with WalkBoston said. "People want to protect Tom Brady, extend his career a little longer, and we want to make sure to protect this crosswalk too." 

Parents said the sign, which was up for the morning commute, seemed to work. 

"We are so Tom Brady obsessed," one man said with a laugh. "We will run over kids but not Tom Brady." 

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