Boston Rings in 2015 With First Night Bash

Folks of all ages gathered in Boston to celebrate the beginning of the new year

Fireworks lit up the night sky in Boston as the city rang in the new year a few hours early, so little revelers, could enjoy the festivities as part of the annual family friendly First Night tradition.

“Well it was fun,” said Antoinette Bridgemohan of Boston.

“Yeah it’s pretty fun so far, the fireworks, the ice sculptures, and we’re going to see a band over there it’s going to be pretty fun,” added fellow Bostonian Jamauri Jones.

Boston’s First Night festivities had something for everyone.

People lined Boylston Street as the grand procession entertained onlookers all the way from Copley Square to Boston Common.

“I want to see the new year, I want to celebrate with all the people,” said Ammar Magsood.

“Because it’s fun, all the shops and the food,” Ben Lindboom added.

And there were lots of shops and food. From fried dough and fried oreos, to sparkling hats, and those flashing glasses that suddenly become fashionable once a year, fun was had by all.

Two friends smiling behind 2015 glasses said, “Just to have fun. Just to celebrate the new year!”

“I like walking around and seeing all the different things, we went to the stories and so those are fun,” said Emma Farrer.

Ice sculptures captivated the crowds, making them not mind the cold, at least not too much.

“Last year was colder, this is bearable I think,” said Amalia Timbers.

And while many were bundled up, one bride-to-be who was about to tie the knot nearby, just had to venture out into the cold to be a part of the First Night fun.

“Really exciting, it’s weird to be in a wedding dress around all of this,” said Chrissy Maloney.

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