Three-Time Medalist Aly Raisman Going For Gold Again

Burlington gym where Raisman trains is proud of the Needham native

Three-time medalist Aly Raisman is heading to the 2016 Summer games after making the U.S. Olympic women's gymnastics team. The 22-year-old Needham native earned her spot on Sunday night.

At Brestyan's Gymnastics in Burlington, where Raisman trains, her fellow gymnasts were giddy with excitement and shared their aspirations for one day making the team.

“She gives me correction I need and I do that and the coach says, ‘good job to me,’” said gymnast Sabrina Visconti.

Parent Danielle Visconti said she had no doubt the Raisman would make the team again.

“You just kind of had a feeling, she is really focused and she's solid,” said Danielle Visconti. “So when we watched her during her routines, I just knew. When she puts it in her head she's doing it.”

Teammates and parents who watch Raisman train day in and day out say despite her regime, she always takes time to motivate others.

“It's really nice because she will help you sometimes and coach you on the side,” said gymnast Simona Kerekes.

After taking the gold at the London Olympics, Raisman continues to shock Brestyan's Gymnastics.

“You don't really think of her as an Olympian but when you see her on TV you're like, ‘Oh wow she really is famous,’” said Kerekes.

Raisman will now head to a 10-day training camp then go back to Brestyan's Gymnastics for further training.

“We are very, very proud of her,” said parent Negest Kerekes. “She works so hard and when you work hard at the end of the day it pays off.”

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