Thousands Without Power After Saturday Thunderstorms

Downed trees and hail reported across region

Thunderstorms across parts of New England left damage in many areas on Saturday afternoon, leaving thousands of people without power Sunday morning.

Meteorologist Tim Kelley said the fast-moving storms headed south out of Vermont and New Hampshire, then into northern Massachusetts. Another heavy storm then made its way towards the northern Massachusetts beaches.

In Malden, the storm swept through around 6 p.m. bringing hail and heavy winds, and a large tree onto a house on Gellineau Street.

“All of a sudden I heard a giant snap,” said resident Austin Swank.

Swank said he rushed downstairs to find the tree through their home’s window.

“I was like, ‘oh no how much of that tree has fallen,’ because I know that tree stood 200 feet tall,” Swank said. “So I knew there was going to be some carnage but I didn't know how badly the house was damaged or whether other people were hurt, so those were my first concerns.”

No injuries were reported but a neighbor’s vehicle did suffer damage.

“It fell directly in between the houses,” said Andrew Foeller. “It took out my little porch. Easy fix, could have been a lot worse.”

In Haverhill, the power was out due to a tree down on some wires on Liberty Street.

Residents in Winchester also saw dime-sized hail and had to deal with their own downed trees.

Over 6,000 people in Massachusetts and 15,000 people in New Hampshire were still without power Sunday morning due to the storms.

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