Tow Truck Driver Accused of Soliticing Sex from Female Passengers Appears in Court

He was arraigned on two charges

A tow truck driver accused of trying to solicit sex from two female passenger appeared in Framingham District Court on Friday morning.

Matthew Walsh, age 37, of Nashua, New Hampshire, was arraigned on two charges of accosting or annoying a person of the opposite sex.

According to court documents, one woman called state police on June 20th complaining that during a tow Walsh began asking personal and sexual questions.

He also told her he "Knew a place where they could go where nobody would bother them."

State Police began searching through a list of Walsh's past female customers and found one with similar allegations.

She said during the ride he asked sexually explicit questions and asked her to hook up.

He pulled over twice saying they could "go into the woods where no one could see them."

He denies all of the allegations.

Walsh worked for Perfection Towing, a company often used by state police to town cars involved in incidents on the Masachustts Turnpike.

Walsh was ordered to stay away from the two individuals.

State Police continue to search for any other possible victims and ask anyone with a similar complaints to call them.

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