Tractor-Trailer Takes Down Wires, Knocks Out Power in Boston

A tractor-trailer knocked down power lines in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood Friday, knocking out power for many.

Neighbors were stunned to see the 18-wheeler caught beneath a tangle of wires and a telephone pole. 

"I felt the house shake. Like a boom and the lights started shaking in the house," said Christina, who lives close to where the accident occurred. "You could feel the impact when the pole went down." 

The truck was driving up Wrentham Street around 9 a.m., when it brought down low hanging wires, causing a pole to snap.

"I've lived here I've never seen an 18 wheeler come down the street at all so it's surprising to see an 18 wheeler try to take that turn," said Jay Concepcion.

Eversource tells NBC Boston that some residents were without power for about an hour while crews removed the truck and made repairs.

The truck is owned by a Wisconsin-based company called Haul Bikes, specializing in motorcycle shipping. 

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