Travelers Return Home

Passengers were thankful that return flights at Boston's Logan International Airport went smoothly.

For travelers taking return flights to and from Boston's Logan International Airport on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, it was smoother than the first leg of the journey.

"In total, it was like five hours at the airport," said Natalie Varona.

For Varona and her siblings, making their way to Boston for Thanksgiving was no easy task.

"We came from Fort Lauderdale, [Florida], and we got our flight cancelled twice," she said.

So arriving at Logan Sunday to find a relatively quiet airport was a nice surprise - especially when she and many other travelers were expecting a bit more chaos.

"We walked in, we expected the huge lines like last Christmas," said Paula McGee. "And it's not that bad!"

"We expected it to be busier than this," said Stan Prowse. "They do a great job."

The lack of lines and limited changes on the board is a big difference from what travelers experienced last week - the Thanksgiving Eve storm forced many to change their plans.

But most travelers say when it comes to flying to New England, having a sudden storm impact your plans is no surprise. Neither is the drastic change in weather since when they arrived.

"It's gone from 20 degrees to 60 degrees to 20 degrees," said McGee. "And now it's beautiful."

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