Trooper: Man Assaulted Woman at Airport “Without Provocation”

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Dana Cresta arrested 53-year-old Eric Brandhorst, who allegedly knocked a 74-year-old woman working at Boston's Logan International Airport to the ground.

A 74-year-old security worker was just doing her job at Boston's Logan International Airport when she was allegedly hit by a traveler who was apparently upset that he couldn't take his carry-on bag with him through security.

Dana Cresta has been a state trooper for 30 years, and he says he’s never seen anything like what happened Tuesday morning.

That’s when 53-year-old Eric Brandhorst of Carlisle, Massachusetts, reportedly hit the security worker with his bag after she told him it was too big to bring through security.

"I heard him say to her, in an agitated voice, 'Where do I go now?'" recalled Cresta. "And that brought by attention directly at them."

The worker gave directions. Then, Cresta says, Brandhorst struck.

"Without provocation or any other conversation, he took the bag with his right shoulder and swung at her - a much smaller employee - knocking her to the ground," he said.

Cresta immediately arrested Brandhorst, charging him with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person over 60.

The woman is expected to recover from her injuries, but Cresta said she hit the ground very hard, landing on her knee and hip.

He offered some advice to people who will be traveling over the holidays.

"The airlines are stressful, but those people work at those locations to assist you in getting a safe flight," said Cresta.

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