Trump Says He Has the Votes of Brady and Belichick

Donald Trump recounts a phone call from Brady and a letter from Belichick

Presidential candidate Donald Trump says he has the votes of two of the biggest names in New England, the Patriots Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. 

Appearing in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump opened the rally by telling the crowd he got a phone call from Brady and a letter from Belichick. 

"So Tom, you voted for me, you support me. Am I allowed to say it to this massive crowd in New Hampshire? He said if you want to say it, you can say it," Trump told the crowd. 

Trump followed his Brady account by reading a letter he says was written to him by Belichick. 

"You've proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your leadership is amazing," Trump read from the letter, "Hopefully tomorrow's election, results will give the opportunity to make America great again. Best wishes for great results tomorrow, Bill Belichick." 

Trump continued by praising Brady and Belichick, saying, "What a combination. There's never been a better combination." 

According to CSNNE's Tom Curran, Belichick confirmed he did write the letter.

On a radio appearance earlier in the week on WEEI-FM, Brady said he would reveal his vote after the election.

Last month at a news conference, when a reporter asked Brady how his kids would respond to Trump's version of locker room talk, Brady responded to the question by smiling and saying, "Thank you guys. Have a good day," and walked away from the podium.

Already on Tuesday, many people have taken to Brady's Facebook page to express their displeasure with the New England quarterback's de facto endorsement.

"I grew up your biggest fan. I have a picture you signed for me still hanging in my college room. I am ashamed and embarrassed for you if the Trump comments are true," said one person. "I thought you were a better human being than that."

"You broke my heart voting for Trump," said another fan. "Yes, you still are a great quarterback that does not change but I also thought you were a thoughtful, kind man."

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