Officials Investigating Baby's Death at Unlicensed Day Care

Authorities are investigating the unattended death of an 18-month-old baby in an unlicensed Sturbridge, Massachusetts, day care.

Officials at the state's Department of Early Education and Care said the boy was found unresponsive on April 6 at a home on Simpson Street.

The state agency said it immediately issued a cease and desist order when it was determined that there was unlicensed child care occurring on the property.

"The Department continues to work with other state agencies and local law enforcement pending the outcome of its investigation," an EEC spokeswoman said.

Brian Sommer says he knows both families involved and used the day care for years. He said the day care is only open to close friends and family.

"My boys just went to Heather as a friend. Heather offered to watch both of my boys and I would do it over, over and over again," Sommer said.

Neighbors say they see kids out in the yard every day.

"I've seen a lot of children, a lot of play equipment so I had a feeling there was some sort of daycare there," said neighbor Linda Legere.

"I never realized there was anything untoward shall we say, or inappropriate about their operation," said another neighbor, Jerry Gowing.

The woman who runs the day care said she has spoken with the boy's parents.

The 18-month-old in Sturbridge died the same week that a 10-week-old was found unresponsive at Bethany Christian Academy in Mendon. Both cases are now being handled by the Worcester County District Attorney's Office.

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