U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Tufts Lecture Turns to Israel, Hamas

Elizabeth Warren defended her vote on sending funds to Israel at a Cape Cod town hall last month

Speaking at a Tufts University forum Monday and railing against JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was interrupted before she got too passionate in her criticism.

Warren's wide ranging conversation touched on everything from Warren's favorite bible passage to her Oklahoma upbringing, but when it came time for the Q & A, the topic turned to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

"You recently said that you believe that Israel has a right to self defense. Do you also believe that the Palestinians have a right to self defense?" one woman, who described herself as a Holocaust refugee, said.

Warren said she did, but expanded after.

"The direction we need to be moving is not toward more war," she said. "I believe we need to move to a two state solution where both peoples can be secure and safe within their borders."

The answer didn't satisfy another questioner, who said she had worked on Warren's campaign.

"You specifically apologized for Israeli actions attacking schools and hospitals and you're going on the congressional Israel trip which we all know is like AIPAC alignment, is what that is. So as a progressive, as someone who wanted you to come be a progressive, how can you say what you're putting forward on Israel is progressive?" the woman asked.

"You know, look, you can do whatever characterization you want of it, but listen only to my words. I didn't apologize for anyone. I made clear what my view is. I don't want to see anyone kill more people," Warren said.

NECN asked if it's wrong for people to feel Warren is favoring Israel.

"You know, it's - I think that peace favors both peoples and that's what we really need," Warren said, adding, "Nut I always want to be clear about this. The parties themselves are the ones that will have to negotiate this - it is not up to America to impose it." 

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