Van, Wheelchair Belonging to Special Needs Teen Stolen

The price to replace it all could be as high as $60,000

Police are investigating a heartless crime at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Boston, where a patient’s handicap accessible van and wheelchair went missing from the parking lot while the teenager was getting treatment in another state.

James Bostic, 17, suffers from cerebral palsy. He and his mother left for Minnesota in November to get treatment for some of the symptoms he was experiencing. What they thought would be a quick trip turned into a five-month stay, and now that they are ready to come home, they have discovered what they rely on is missing.

They left their minivan, with a wheelchair inside, parked at Franciscan Children’s Hospital. When weeks turned into months in Minnesota, James’ mom Beth called the hospital to check on it.

"There were a couple of snow storms in Boston so that’s why I called someone at the hospital to see if we needed to move the van," Beth Bostic said. "That’s when I found out the van was missing."

The theft is devastating to the family who is set to return to Boston from Minnesota later this week. Even after insurance covered the rest of the loan on the van, they do not have enough to replace it or the wheelchair.

"It’s hard to imagine someone would take something that is so helpful and useful to a person that doesn’t have that many advantages in life anyway," Bostic said.

Franciscan Children’s Hospital did release the following statement:

"Transportation is an important part of giving our patients access to the community and the care they need at Franciscan Children’s. We are empathetic to the plight of the Bostic family and are fully cooperating with the Boston Police Department’s ongoing investigation. As James prepares to return to Massachusetts, we are looking at options for how we might be able to support the family," a spokesman said.

The price to replace it all could be as high as $60,000, which is why the community has set up a GoFundMe page.

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