Victims Killed by Falling Tree Limbs Remembered in Canton, Massachusetts

People in Canton, Massachusetts, came together Thursday to pay tribute to two people killed in freak accidents during Friday's snowstorm.

Hundreds of volunteers - some of whom didn't even know the families - honored 6-year-old Kaleigh Kenyon and 48-year-old Thomas Gunning, both of whom were hit by falling tree limbs Friday.

Kenyon passed away Friday evening. Gunning was hit late that night and died Saturday.

On Canton's Washington Street, green and pink ribbons don light poles and trees.

"It's unfathomable what this town is going through and the people around it," said resident Caroline Connolly. "To have the same tragedy within 24 hours, there's just no words that can express the sympathy the town has for these people."

The families may have lost their loved ones, but have gain so many supporters. The tragedy brought people from all over the town to hang bows on their front doors, at Canton High School, even on the school buses, bringing new meaning to the colors pink and green.

"When we heard about Kaleigh's passing, we started asking for donations of pink ribbon, and then when Tom passed, we decided to add the green for him," said Lauren Conti. "He was a big Canton sports guy and green is Canton's color."

The group Canton Memorial Bow Project reached more than 1,000 likes, with residents still asking for bows to hang on their homes. Volunteers have even received gratitude from the mourning families.

"Kaleigh's parents reached out to people and the Gunnings," said Connolly. "His wife came up to people, I heard this morning, when they were putting bows, and said, 'I cannot believe how much this means to us.' And Tom's sister wrote something on Facebook saying it just helps through a very difficult time to feel this town's support."

"Canton's a small town, but there's a lot of heart here," Conti said.

The bows are placed leading up to the cemetery where Thomas Gunning will be buried.

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