WATCH: MBTA Driver Credited With Saving Woman's Life

The driver reportedly maneuvered his bus in a way that kept an out of control vehicle from hitting anything

An MBTA bus driver is being credited with saving a woman's life thanks to some fast thinking last week.

According to the MBTA, Paul Healy was driving an MBTA bus in Quincy when he noticed that the driver of a black Jeep Compass appeared to be "slumping over" and losing control of her car. Fearing that she would hit someone or something, Healy maneuvered his bus in a way that forced the Jeep to come to a stop.

After the Jeep stopped, Healy notified his dispatcher, who called an ambulance. The ambulance took the driver to the Steward Satellite Emergency Facility in Quincy, where she was treated for what is believed to have been a seizure.

The woman later told MBTA Police that she wanted to thank Healy for "saving her life."

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