Vigil Held for Taunton Stabbing Victims

A prayer service was held Thursday night for the victims of the stabbing rampage in Taunton, Massachusetts, earlier this week.

The vigil was held at the Holy Family Church, where the eldest victim, 80-year-old Patricia Slavin, was a member.

Slavin and her daughter were having dinner in her home when the suspect, 28-year-old Arthur DaRosa, knocked on their door. Police say he attacked them after they let him in.

Friends of Slavin, a devout Catholic, say she would have forgiven DaRosa for his actions. He was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer inside a restaurant at the local mall, but not before he wounded several others and killed 56-year-old George Heath, who tried to intervene.

"Rosemary's husband [George] put his life in jeopardy for someone he doesn't even know out of love for people," one of the family members of survivor Sheenah Savoy said to reporters after the vigil.

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