Karla Rendon-Alvarez

6 Pairs of Sisters Add Unique Aspect to Walpole High School's Hockey Team

It's a family affair for the Walpole High School’s girl’s ice hockey team since the team hosts six pairs of sisters.

The group knows how to cooperate with one another since their sportsmanship is more than just teamwork.

"Other teams are awkward when you first get out there but our team is not awkward because we all already know each other, so it’s a nice bond to have," teammate Madison Ryan said.

The ice hockey team currently holds a 7-2 record after their recent victory against Notre Dame Academy.

"We just did what we know how to do and it ended up in our favor," Olivia Malone said.

The Malone sisters say their unique connection is especially helpful when they’re on the ice.

"I feel like I know what she’s going to do before she does it," Jenna Malone said of her sister. "So, it’s easier to work with her."

Head Coach Joe Verdeber says the girls’ special connection adds a unique feature to the game.

"To be a successful team, you have to be just that – a team," he said. "But then throw that family aspect to it and it’s kind of bizarre in a way. But, it’s great."

Verdeber says that family aspect actually makes his job easier.

"It's the intangibles. I know where she is," he said. "I know where they are and then if they get an earful from me, the sisters temper that a little bit."

The Walpole High School girl’s ice hockey team needs just three more victories to compete in the state championship, which will take place in March at TD Garden.

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