Water Main Near Salem, Mass. Commuter Rail Station Fixed

A broken water main near an MBTA Commuter Rail station in Salem, Massachusetts has been fixed after causing a mess overnight.

The incident happened late Thursday on Bridge Street, according to the Salem Department of Public Services. Crews stayed at the scene to fix the 20-inch water main, according to Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll.

The break didn't just cause a detour, but it stranded some motorists when their vehicles were submerged in water.

"Stood there at the train station and was like, 'omg my car is in the water,'" said one commuter.

Commuter Dan Bosch was one of the lucky ones whose vehicles were safe.

"I was parked in kind of the shallow end of the water so I could get my car out but I saw some of the cars were like fully in a river," said Bosch.

Driscoll said the pipe has since been fixed and service was expected to be restored. Authorities warned parts of the town may have discolored water and low pressure. The advise not to run hot water if it is discolored.

As a result of the water main break, streets in the area were shut down. Vehicles in the Salem garage were also unable to exit and enter the Salem garage via Washington Street, according to MBTA officials.

Now, the MBTA is accessible via Bridge Street from west of Boston Street.

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