What to Eat at Fenway Park

Check out some of the new food options as well as the traditional choices

Hotdogs, peanuts, and popcorn are an important part of any baseball game, especially one at Fenway Park, but how do you decide which snacks you should enjoy?

If you're in the mood for traditional ballpark food to fill you up there are Fenway Franks and sausages located around almost every corner.

Craving a burger or pizza? You can find those snacks as well.

But maybe the traditional snacks are a little boring and you're looking for something more diverse; Fenway has those too.

There are stands where you can get nachos and burritos, as well as fish sandwiches and lobster rolls.

And of course you need a snack to top it all off.

Whether you want ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy, or a milk shake, those are easy enough to find as well.

So now that you're hungry and craving ballpark food check out the full list of concessions and let us know what your favorite Fenway snack is!

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