Will Elizabeth Warren Announce Democratic Candidate Endorsement Soon?

Elizabeth Warren continues to avoid any question remotely hinting at which Democratic presidential candidate she intends to support, though based on what she told necn at her annual small business "Matchmaker" event in Lowell, neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders should be holding their breath.

Asked if she may wait until the Democratic convention in July to make her choice known, Warren said, "It's possible, it's possible. I think it's more likely that it will be before then, but I think that's possible."

So why hasn't Warren made her feelings known? Democratic political analyst George Bachrach says Warren's heart maybe with Bernie Sanders but her head is with Hillary Clinton.

"I think she believes that Bernie Sanders is probably right on most of the issues she cares about, but I bet she worries a little about whether Sanders can get it done," he said.

Bachrach says Warren is also aware that all the math points to a Clinton win which could set off a potential bitter or angry reaction from diehard Sanders supporters.

"And somebody's going to need to sort of calm them down and bring them in if that moment arrives and Warren is one of those people who can do that," Bachrach said.

So while Sanders campaigns in New York on talking points that sound very Warrenesque and Hillary Clinton shifts her target to the republican front runner, Donald Trump, Warren hold tight to her neutral position in the race, confident that all the chatter about delegate math won't even matter in the end.

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