Woman Indicted, Arrested in Connection With Trafficking Women for Sex

A Lowell, Massachusetts, woman who worked days as a caregiver to senior citizens has been charged with running a prostitution ring.

Alba Andino was ordered held on $20,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty Thursday in Middlesex Superior Court to charges of trafficking of persons for sexual servitude and deriving support from prostitution.

Prosecutors say the 36-year-old Andino targeted vulnerable women and profited by trapping them in a life of prostitution, advertised their services online and kept half the money they made.

Investigators say they have compiled "copious" amounts of evidence, including emails, phone records and hotel bills implicating Andino.

The Sun reports, however, that Andino's attorney argued for lower bail, noting that only two women were named as victims and there is no proof his client forced them into prostitution.

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