Woman Pulled From Marsh After Trying to Rescue Dog in Natick, Massachusetts

A Massachusetts woman is recovering after being stuck in a marsh while trying to rescue her dog.

Still pictures taken by the Natick Fire Department show a 53-year-old woman being rescued from a marsh in a Natick forest.

She'd been in the mud for 25 minutes.

Hikers heard the woman yelling for help and called 911.

Firefighter Rob Stevenson and his team jumped into action.

"I was able to retrieve the dog," he said. "[The woman] said that she was fine."

After bringing the dog to shore, Stevenson went back in.

"Walked back out, hooked her up to the rope, and pulled her out of the marsh," he said.

The woman tells police her dog had run out into the marsh at the Hunnewell Town Forest and got stuck.

She then took off her shoes and went in to rescue him, but she got stuck herself, up to her waist.

"You couldn’t really tell how deep the mud was," said Stevenson. "A little bit difficult to maneuver through."

Firefighters say the woman never panicked and remained fairly calm. Neither she nor her dog were injured.

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