Woman Rescued: Ice Rink Avalanche “Happened So Fast”

Twenty-year-old Michaella Costa was just going to the grocery store in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Wednesday night to pick up food for her grandmother. But as she was walking along a path, she suddenly became engulfed in snow.

"It happened so fast. It just fell and we were under," she said. "It was hard. I was really packed in there, and it was heavy."

Five feet of snow and ice fell from the curved roof of the Simoni Ice Rink. It buried Costa and four other people. Luckily, she and another victim were able to free their heads from the snow and scream.

"I was riding home from work and I heard some yelling and screaming over here," said Dan Delongchamp, who immediately stopped and started digging. "I was reaching through the snow, trying to probe and find something, and I felt a soft jacket."

All five people were pulled from this urban avalanche. None had serious injuries, but Costa hurt her neck and shoulders.

"It's really painful," she said. "I barely slept last night."

She says she's just glad no kids were hurt.

"I see kids with their families all the time, and it could have been a child under there," said Costa.

Keith Foley brings his two children to the rink two to three times a week. He says this isn't a new problem.

"On the other side of the rink, there are signs warning you about parking your car there," he said. "Every other year, someone has their car destroyed by the roof."

While there are signs in the parking lot, there are none along the walkway.

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation owns and operates the rink. They said because of this incident, they are going back around to all their properties to clear off any snow, and protect against any of these hazards.

Crews were in Cambridge all day Thursday removing snow.

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