Volunteers Attend Funeral of WWII Vet With No Living Family

The Veterans' Services office in Lawrence, Massachusetts invited the public to attend the funeral of 97-year-old James McCue

Volunteers in Massachusetts showed up to pay their respects to a fallen World War II veteran who died without any living family members left.

Veteran James McCue died Thursday at Cedar View Rehabilitation and Health Care Center at the age of 97. He died without any surviving family members, leaving him without anyone to attend his funeral.

The Veterans' Services office in Lawrence invited the public to attend McCue's services so his life could be honored.

McCue, who was from Lawrence, enlisted in November 1943 and battled in an anti-aircraft artillery unit. He was also among the personnel who helped liberate France.

McCue's funeral featured full military honors. His services began at 1 p.m. Thursday in Bellevue Cemetery in Lawrence.

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