Would a Soccer Stadium in Dorchester Be Good or Bad for the City?

Robert Kraft is considering building a stadium for the New England Revolution soccer team

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution soccer team, is considering building a soccer stadium in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood.

According to a report by the Boston Globe, Kraft is eyeing the site of the former Bayside Expo Center, now owned by University of Massachusetts, for the stadium.

Some Boston-area residents support the new stadium because it will increase revenue in Dorchester.

Necn viewer Aaron David commented on the necn Facebook page and said, "anytime you can get an extra 20-30,000 people into the city spending money and having a good time it's good for everyone."

A new stadium means more revenue for businesses around the stadium.

Others agree with the idea of a new stadium in Boston simply for the more central location.

Currently the Revolution plays at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro which can be difficult for Boston residents to get to.

Rick Kierman was in favor of building the new stadium and using it as a concert venue, "one I can walk to!" he posted.

However, others are completely against the idea of a stadium in Boston because of the increased traffic it will bring.

Representative Steven Lynch released a statement that said, "the situation is getting progressively worse as the South Boston waterfront development has greatly increased the volume of traffic along the Morrissey Boulevard corridor. So basically it's a bad idea."

Laurie M. Coppola was also against the idea and suggested putting the stadium in a location with "adequate parking and good train service."

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