Yearbook Photo Causing Controversy in Foxborough, Massachusetts

The photo showing Foxborough High School senior Morgan Truax was banned because it appears she is stepping on a U.S. flag

A yearbook photo is causing controversy in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

The photo showing Foxborough High School senior Morgan Truax has been banned from the school's yearbook. The diner Morgan works at wanted to put the photo in its full-page ad, congratulating her on her many accomplishments. But the school says it's inappropriate because it appears she's standing on a U.S. flag.

Both Morgan and her mother say it's not a real flag - just a commercial backdrop - and they meant no harm.

"We thought it was very beautiful, very patriotic," said Lisa Truax, Morgan's mother. "We certainly didn't mean any disrespect to anyone."

"I already had the outfit on," Morgan said. "I thought, 'This is perfect. Great picture.' After we took the picture, I didn't think anything of it. I didn't think it would be a problem to anyone."

"It's a very patriotic photograph," said Liam Murphy, the owner of the Red Wing Diner. "I feel I am a very patriotic person."

Diana M. Myers-Pachla, the school's principal, released a statement saying, "We do not view standing on the U.S. flag as respectful or appropriate."

She went on to say "We take respect for the United States flag very seriously, as it is the most important symbolic representation of our national pride."

"It makes me a little upset," Morgan Traux said. "We agreed to crop my feet out of the picture, and they still said 'no.'"

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