Suspect in 2-Year-Old's Death Smoked Pot, Took Sleeping Pills on Day of Incident: Prosecutors

The child died three days after being found unresponsive in a Brockton, Massachusetts home

A California man has been ordered to be held without bail in connection with the 2016 death of a 2-year-old boy in Brockton, Massachusetts that prosecutors say was likely the result of violent shaking. 

Timy Jo Griffin, 24, who appeared in a Massachusetts court Thursday, is charged with murder and recklessness endangerment in the death of Nazeir Phillips, who was found unresponsive at a Brockton home in December 2016.

According to prosecutors, Griffin was watching the boy -- his then-girlfriend's child -- the day the child was found unresponsive.  

Doctors determined that the victim likely died as the result of “violent and extreme shaking and/or slamming;" injuries included retinal hemorrhaging, uncontrollable brain swelling, bruising across body, prosecutors said. 

Prosecutors said the suspect claimed the child fell off a bed while he was changing the child’s diaper. But doctors say there's no way the child died from a fall. Prosecutors allege that Griffin smoked marijuana and took sleeping pills on the day in question. 

The child died of his injuries three days after he was found in the home.

The defense said it is not clear how the child died. 


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The arrest comes after a Plymouth County grand jury returned secret indictments charging Griffin last month.

Authorities in California arrested Griffin, who was brought to Massachusetts by state police early Thursday.

"We're confident going forward that we're going to get justice for this little boy," Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz said.

Griffin's next court appearance is slated for Sept. 9. 

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