Youth Hockey Coaches Fired for Drinking Beer in Front of Players

Hockey practice was underway at the LoConte Memorial Rink in Medford Tuesday night.

It's the same place where two Medford youth hockey coaches allegedly drank beers in the locker room and lobby, in front of players, after an early morning game Sunday morning.

The President of the Medford Youth Hockey Board says after several parents complained, they held a disciplinary committee meeting and made the decision to suspend the coaches for the rest of the season.

Now other coaches have been put in place for the pee-wee team of 11, 12, and 13 year olds.

Hockey Dad Kevin McMann said:

"They're great coaches, both of my kids have played for them, won championships, both of them, and I think you should ask the parents who brought the alcohol to the rink to give to them.

The president of the board confirms it was parents who gave the beer to the coaches as a gift, for a birthday celebration.

He says one coach had one beer, the other two beers.

Hockey mom, Irene Donovan, says she agrees with the suspension:

"I would have been upset if I had seen that, and I would have said something to them too, and most of the moms I know would have to."

The president of the board would not go on camera Tuesday but said he met with the team parents and they were supportive of the decision.

The board also says:

"Medford Rec Hockey is proud of the contributions of our volunteer coaches who dedicate countless hours to the children of Medford. Unfortunately, a couple coaches broke the rules of Medford Hockey and USA Hockey and as a consequence, we suspended them for the remainder of the season."

Another dad said:

"I think with their track record and the years of the experience that they e put in, I know Chris has been here over 25 years, so I think everyone deserves a second chance."

The coaches can appeal the board's decision.

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