Matthew Out, Drought In

It's a forecast that makes even the most hardened meteorologist pause. Matthew's rampage through the Bahamas and into Florida will be historic and devastating. Thousands are already homeless and inundated in Haiti and Eastern Cuba, and now we're facing the prospect of more people in the threat zone into the weekend.

The shallow waters of the Bahamas are both warm and easily rattled. It's possible that despite moving over small islands (landmasses weaken tropical systems), Matthew may strengthen over the next two days. In addition to 10-20 inches of rain, Matthew could create a 10-15 foot storm surge in the Bahamas — a very scary byproduct of the incredible push of the wind.

Back here at home, we almost feel guilty about the idea of 10 more days of sun. While we know that the days are numbered for pleasant, peaceful weather, it's hard to reconcile the fact that there are so many scrambling to get out of the path of this storm.

Our temperatures are on the mend in the coming days. Highs will recover to the low 70s with 60s at the coast. Some clouds may flirt with the Cape/Islands, but otherwise blue will rule.

A cool front approaching on Saturday may provide us with a few clouds, but like dozens of fronts before, the threat for showers Saturday night is minuscule.

Cooler weather pushes in to finish the holiday weekend.

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