Maura Healey, Geoff Diehl Make Final Push for Votes

Maura Healey has led every poll by 20-30 points, but Geoff Diehl says there's a quiet vote out there that will head out to the polls Tuesday.

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Maura Healey and Geoff Diehl made their final pitches to voters Monday, each hoping they've done enough campaigning to get the votes they need.

At her first stop on her last full day on the campaign trail, Healey learned how to put together the house special at the Meridian Market in East Boston.

“Feeling great," she said. "We’re really, really excited.”

That’s because Healey has led every poll by 20 to 30 points over her Republican opponent. Still, the campaign says it held 150 events on Sunday alone and has knocked on 44,000 doors. Having raised millions more than Diehl, Healey has also had the resources to get her message out, where she says in part, “We’ll address issues of affordability right now, confronting so many families. We’ll work on housing, we’ll work on transportation.”

Days before the gubernatorial election against Republican Geoff Diehl, Democrat Maura Healey sat down for a one-on-one interview with Alison King.

Meanwhile, in Braintree, Diehl joined sign holding supporters before heading over to the Erie Pub in Dorchester.

“I think we put everything we could into this race,” Diehl said.

Asked about Healey’s lead in the polls, Diehl pointed to Republican Scott Brown‘s surprise 2010 US Senate win over Democrat Martha Coakley.

“There is a quiet vote out there that’s going to be coming out tomorrow, again, it will be a close race,” he predicted.

Diehl, a former State Rep endorsed by Donald Trump, has courted mostly republican leaning communities and news outlets to spread his message.

“I think people are looking for government to pull back," he shared. "And I’m somebody who trusts the people of Massachusetts to make their own decisions. Make their own healthcare choices. Make the economic decisions for their own households.”

Political consultant Rob Gray says of Diehl, “His message is being snuffed out by Maura Healey‘s louder volume.”

In the days preceding Massachusetts' gubernatorial election, Republican Geoff Diehl sat down for a one-on-one interview with Alison King at his Whitman home.

Gray says Diehl has neither the money nor message to compete with Healey.

“Maura Healey ran a credible campaign where she went to the center, she moderated herself during the general election campaign," Gray said. "Geoff Diehl hasn’t done the same thing. He stayed as an outsider, as a Trump Republican.”

Both candidates say at this point, it’s all about getting their supporters out to vote.

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