Mild Day, Even as Rain Showers Fall


First – a quick look back at exceptional warmth Wednesday: records didn’t just fall, they were left in the dust for some New England cities. Consider these examples:

• Boston, MA, reached 77°, beating the old record of 72°
• Worcester, MA tied the old record of 74°
• Hartford, CT, reached 81°, beating the old record of 72°
• Providence, RI, reached 70°, beating the old record of 66°
• Concord, NH, reached 77°, beating the old record of 67°
• Portland, ME, reached 66°, beating the old record of 55°
• Burlington, VT, reached 70°, beating the old record of 66°
• Montpelier, VT, reached 68°, beating the old record of 61°
• St. Johnsbury, VT, reached 65°, beating the old record of 61°
• Bridgeport, CT, reached 60°, tying the old record of 60°

After yesterday's record-breaking warmth, some New England records have already fallen today in the lingering mild air!

Of course, the day is very different with abundant clouds producing expanding showers that will transition to a steady, light rain through the afternoon, evening and night. Incredibly, even falling rain can't keep temperatures from reaching 20 degrees warmer than they normally would be for this date - reaching into the 60s, akin to an early summer rain, with the exception of Northern Maine where today's weather is dry but only in the 30s.

Though temperatures cool before dawn Friday, it's unlikely that many of us will see any black ice development, except perhaps some of Central Maine. An early morning shower gives way to sunshine Friday with a fresh breeze and highs in the 50s, kicking off a fair and pleasant weekend for New England.

Showers are likely to start next week on Monday and perhaps into Tuesday - temperatures will be a bit cool beneath those showers, but still warmer than average, and the remainder of the week should feature highs in the 50s with another chance of rain showers toward week's end.

Next weekend may start with rain showers, but still should be warmer than normal in our exclusive, Early Warning Weather 10-day.

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