Mother, Daughter Drug Dealers Arrested in New Hampshire

A mother and daughter from Nashua, New Hampshire are behind bars after being accused of selling drugs together.

Nashua Police Lt. Kevin Rourke says this is only the second time in the last twenty years that he's seen a mother daughter arrested together.

"That astonishes me because this neighborhood is so quiet," said neighbor Lisa Brunelle.

She tells necn that she never would have known that in the apartment building next to her on Vine Street lived a drug-dealing, mother-daughter duo.

"Shame on the mother," Brunelle said.

"It's just weird that they're right there and that happened, it makes me feel kind of uncomfortable," said another neighbor John Hixon.

Police say on Friday, after a months-long investigation, they arrested 45-year-old Amy Manzi and her 22-year-old daughter Arieana.

"It can be very disappointing, not only as a police officer, but as a parent, it's relatively disturbing," said Lt. Rourke.

They charged both women with selling heroin. Arieana was also charged with possession of a more dangerous drug called fentanyl.

"We're very happy here at Nashua PD to take down these two because they've taken over for a good size dealer," Lt. Rourke said.

For Brunelle, this case hits close to home physically and emotionally.

She says she lost her best friend to a heroin overdose at the beginning of April.

"She overcame it for a while, but then it took her way and I miss her everyday," Brunelle said.

Brunelle says the Manzi's are lucky the police got to them before the drugs.

"To me, it is horrible and my heart goes out to them," Brunelle said. "It's a really sick disease and there's too much of it going on in New Hampshire."

The Manzi's are being held on bail until their next court appearance on April 20.

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