Moving in a Brighter Direction

Another day with wind - and a little rain. Steadiest rain fell from Western Massachusetts to Northern New England, where it occasionally mixed with some sleet and snowflakes. Elsewhere the few breaks of sun were the deciding factor in making a run to 60 in Eastern Mass.

Gusty winds were again a major player in the forecast. We topped 50 mph in Wrentham and nearly that in Cambridge, Duxbury and Milton. Some have asked  if the last few weeks have been windier than usual - I'll answer with a resounding "Yes!" We've shuffled in cold and warmth at a breakneck pace, and the wind has been there every step of the way to make sure the air got to its destination.

Now it's time to get serious about a quieter pattern. One that comes with a slow warming and a string of sunny days.

After the rain breaks tomorrow afternoon, an immense high pressure system will move over New England and settle in for an extended stay. At first, the high will be placed over Northernwestern New England, near Burlington, VT. That placement puts Eastern Massachusetts on the cooler end of things, as it establishes a northeast wind off the chilly water. Highs will struggle to make 50 along the immediate shore in response to this. Inland communities - from Metrowest to Southern NH - however, will be several degrees warmer, holding in the mid 50s through Friday. 

Eventually that high moves offshore, turning our windssouthwest. This shift is significant, since it will allow our temperatures to soar by the weekend and perhaps into early next week.

For those training in the cold spring weather for the Marathon, things may get a little TOO warm with highs possibly peaking in the 70s. We're still trying to time a fickle front that will be nearby early next week, so some fine tuning (in the warmer or cooler direction) may be order.

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