Rhode Island

Naked Intruder Enters RI Woman's Home, Gets Into Bed With Her

The man is now facing a breaking and entering charge

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A woman from Providence, Rhode Island, said a naked man entered her home and climbed into bed with her on Monday afternoon.

Surveillance video captured the naked man opening the front door of Krista Brown's home on Miller Avenue and walking inside, according to WJAR-TV. She said he then got into her bed and tried to cuddle her.

Brown was reportedly asleep after working an overnight shift at her job.

"This is one of the craziest things I have ever experienced," she said. "As soon as I saw it was not my boyfriend, I screamed and jumped and ran out of the house."

Brown said her boyfriend and son were doing chores at the time of the time of the incident and her son had just used the front door to take out the trash.

After leaving Brown's home, the man reportedly went up to the third floor of the building where Brown's brother lives. Her brother opened the door and said he saw a naked man standing there, seeming lost and scared.

The man, identified in a police report as Jason Kendrick, is now facing a breaking and entering charge. Police said he lives in the house next door and has been arrested in the past on a variety of charges.

Brown said she has no plans to move, but said she is now looking to install an alarm system.

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