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NBC Boston Responds: Burned Out

PK Poddar’s problems began when his Samsung electric range malfunctioned and one of the four burners stopped working. 

"It was under extended warranty," said Poddar. "Once it started to malfunction, about March of this year, we reached out to Samsung, because it was under warranty and they recognized that and they sent a service technician." 

But the problem persisted, and over the next five months, the service technician made six more visits, but couldn’t fix the burner. 

"They finally came to the conclusion that after all the time we wasted, money spent on parts and service, that it is truly beyond repair at that point," said Poddar. "They reaffirmed that, 'OK, we will refund you.'" 

Poddar bought a new range in July. He took pictures of the decals on the back of the old range before it was hauled away and uploaded them to the Samsung website when he submitted an online refund form. He says Samsung told him the photos didn’t have the serial number and model number that they needed and they rejected his refund claim. 

"At that point, I made the case that the serial number and model number are well documented: firstly in the contract for the extended warranty; secondly, in my documentation; thirdly, with all the service technicians that came," explained Poddar. 

After numerous attempts to resolve the issue with Samsung, Poddar reached out to NBC Boston Responds. We asked Samsung to take a look at the situation, and a week later Poddar had his refund of $1,130. 

"We regret the experience Mr. Poddar had with his range," Samsung told us. "His experience was rare among the many Samsung ranges sold in the U.S. We have followed up with him to ensure the matter has been resolved to his satisfaction." 

"To the viewers of NBC, I would recommend, keep a record of whatever conversation you have with these companies so you can get a claim, and then reach out to NBC Responds if you fail otherwise," said Poddar. 

Remember, if you have a consumer complaint, we are here to help. You can contact us at 1-888-521 NEWS or at NBCBoston.com. Every call and every email will be answered. 

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