NECN LIVE in New York: 7 Feet of Snow

More than seven feet of snow have piled up in the Buffalo area, and warmer weather will cause flooding concerns during a long cleanup process.

The snow totals are in - the storm in Western New York put down 7'4" of snow.

In the next few days, the region is going to experience a warm-up and some rain. That has some people concerned.

Scott Edwards was out for the first time Friday, trying to help clear snow away. The travel ban kept him and his son, Scotty, home for the last few days.

They both have concerns about the weight of the snow on the roofs especially when I get saturated with Rain.

There are already roof problems in the area. The most notable a senior citizen's home having its roof buckle under the weight of the snow.

That is something that has Pete Gubala worried about one of his own buildings.

Daniel Cortese got out of his house for the first time Friday. He walked to the grocery store with his wife, Maryann. He's not all that concerned about what's to come.

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