Mass. Communities Clean Up From Flooding

New Bedford was warm and sunny Saturday, but Hurricane Arthur brought heavy rains that submerged neighborhoods Friday

The sunny, dry weather was just what people on the South Coast of Massachusetts needed Saturday.

New Bedford saw major flash flooding during Hurricane Arthur.

There was plenty of water to pump from some homes in the city after heavy rains submerged their neighborhoods Friday.

About seven inches of rain fell in the Sylvia Street and River Road area in three or four hours.

For Sharon Palazzo, much of that water ended up in her home.

"When I came outside, the water was up to my knees," she said.

Firefighters recommended that Palazzo evacuate, but she stayed to keep pumping water out of her home.

She continued cleaning Saturday. The water destroyed some of her photos and left her rugs sopping wet.

"What a horror show," said Palazzo. "Definitely a headache. I'm exhausted, I have a headache, I'm just drained."

Residents say the water issues are nothing new, and that with each passing storm, the floods get worse because the city's drainage system needs repairs or updates.

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