Victims of Lowell Fire Remembered at Service

7 people, including 5 members of a family, were killed when an apartment building burned

They come together in prayer. With heavy hearts, they pray for healing.

It has been a difficult time in Lowell. Now, hundreds show support for the lives lost in a tragic apartment building fire.

It was early Thursday morning that flames tore through the Branch Street building. Residents leaped from windows, emergency crews rescuing others in a desperate attempt to escape.

Seven perished, including five from the same family.

"The memories of our loved ones remain both vivid and comforting," said Lowell Mayor Rodney Elliott.

As family members mourn the loss of a mother, a father and three of their children, the surviving two young boys, ages 14 and 11, managed to make it out.

State and local dignitaries lent their condolences during an unimaginable time of grief.

At the service at the Buddhist temple, people search for peace and understanding into why people so loved and so young die so soon.

"Two of the first people I saw were those little boys, and I can tell you, I can see in their eyes, they have a resilient spirit," said Mayor Elliott.

Now, the hope is that in numbers, the support carries the broken-hearted as they band together, drawing strength from each other.

A Branch Street fire fund has been set up. Donations can be sent to the Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union.

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