Neighbors Recall Twister's Path of Destruction

The clean-up process is only just starting around Revere Beach Parkway in Revere, Mass.

As the arduous clean-up process continues, the neighborhood around Revere Beach Parkway is almost unrecognizable after a confirmed EF2 tornado tore through town at about 9:30 a.m. Monday.

"I heard this terrible sound, like a locomotive coming, and it was very, very dark and the air conditioning unit seemed to be whistling and then suddenly debris was flying all over the neighborhood," resident Arthur McCarthy said.

"It sounded just like a huge rumble and a huge whistle and then just an explosion, just both windows just blew in and then it was gone, then it was over," Judy Lane-Grech said.

The twister sheared chimneys off of roofs and tossed siding and metal onto fences and into yards on Taft Street.

"The skating rink that’s three blocks over, their roof blew over to our streets," Angelo Grech said.

On Revere Beach Parkway, Jim Debaulo says he thought he had enough time to shut his porch window before the tornado touched down - he was wrong.

"I was trying to shut the window and all the sudden, a burst of wind just blew me away from the window, back towards the door of my room and then the window crashed in and I could hear the glass smashing as I went downstairs," Debaulo said.

The damage inside homes in the Revere, Massachusetts, neighborhood was devastating, with broken glass and branches sprayed throughout; the roof of a home on Revere Beach Parkway was completely ripped away.

"The house actually shook, it shook for about two minutes, I heard the trees flying, I heard the roof come off, I just locked myself in the bathroom," Mary Carrabes said.

Frank Celia was driving when the storm hit and he says couldn’t believe his eyes.

"The trees started falling as I was driving, you can see the split trees here, they were splitting, they were cracking, they were falling and thank God none of them hit me, but one branch hit my car, brand new car, I felt bad but I’m alive," he said.

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