Warm Weather at Last? Your June Monthly Forecast

Here's how the temperature and precipitation forecast for June

It’s the first weekday of the month, which means our NBC10 Boston First Alert Weather Team has issued our latest monthly forecast for the month of June live in our broadcasts.

The overview of the June weather pattern nationally will feature, of course, expected warming as a nation with the jet stream winds aloft – the fast river of air, high in the sky, that steers storms and separates cool air to the north from warm to the south – slowly rising north to a position near the northern tier of the United States by mid-month.

These jet stream winds will likely stay active in June, however, meaning multiple energetic disturbances will dig into the nation’s midsection for the first half of the month, continuing the recent pattern of wet weather in the Central United States with an active thunderstorm and severe weather pattern, then will likely continue to thrust episodes of thunderstorms across the Northern United States for the second half of the month as the typical summer ridge – a dome of increasingly hot high pressure and fair weather – begins setting up across the Southern Plains and South-Central U.S.

Of course, before the hot ridge sets up, multiple disturbances with associated thunderstorms and incursions of cool air behind them will likely suppress temperatures below normal in the Rockies, Plains and Ohio Valley, but recurring surges of warmth ahead of each disturbance will drive temperatures up along the Eastern Seaboard preceding each disturbance, likely enough to push the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic warmer than normal, while New England sees enough oscillation of warmth ahead of each disturbance and cool air behind them to keep temperatures close to normal.

Although it’s quite possible the Mid-Atlantic states see drier than normal conditions with scattered thunderstorms the predominant driver of rainfall this month, New England is more likely to find broader shields of rain developing on the north and east side of disturbances ejecting from the Central U.S., adding a broader rainfall pattern to the thunderstorm activity and bumping monthly rainfall closer to normal.

Of course, you can already see the forecast through June 10th in our exclusive, First Alert 10-day forecast and we’ll continue to help you see farther than any other media outlet in Boston with this 10-day forecast.

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