Northern Lights

New Englanders Could Get Rare Glimpse at Northern Lights Tonight

Here's how to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis

MC 2nd Class Micheal H. Lee/U.S. Navy via AP, File

Changes in the upper atmosphere Tuesday could give New Englanders a rare glimpse at the Northern Lights.

A burst of energy from the sun should reach earth tonight, exciting the upper atmosphere and resulting in a display of the Aurora Borealis for Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Central to Northern Maine. 

The biggest issue is weather: clouds have filled the New England sky Tuesday in association with a wave of low pressure – a weak storm center – moving south of New England. 

As the storm pushes east Tuesday evening and night, a northerly and then westerly wind will pick up behind the storm circulation, carrying drier air across the region and starting to break the clouds. 

The clouds will break slowest in the mountains, but any breaks will be important and open the door for viewing the Northern Lights display, with breaks increasing markedly after midnight and perhaps providing the best viewing opportunity for North Country residents and visitors in the predawn hours of Wednesday morning.

Good luck and happy viewing.

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