New England's Divided Tuesday Weather

A cold front has stalled from southern NH to eastern Mass.

New England's weather is divided today.

We have a classic New England forecasting dilemma, how far north with the front move before the sun goes down?

It sure was a surprise to pick up 1/2 to 1 inch of rain from southern New Hampshire to eastern Massachusetts last night, we credit a back door cold front for generating this bonus rainfall.

Now that front has stalled from southern New Hampshire to eastern Massachusetts.

West of the front we have sunshine with temperatures pushing 80°, north and east of the front it's rather gray with temperatures holding close to 60° especially from the New Hampshire seacoast through the state of Maine.

In the Boston area we do expect the warm air to come in before the sun goes down, but it could be a slow process with temperatures is holding in the 60s for a good amount of the day before jumping into the 70s late.

In Maine the wind is from the north of 10 to 15 miles an hour, while in western Massachusetts and Connecticut the wind is from the Southwest 10-15 mph.

The front will push north and east through the state of Maine tonight, so clouds, fog, and drizzle and showers should end before the sun comes up.

Yet another front will divide New England tomorrow, but this one looks like a drier front. Spot showers are possible tomorrow, but we expect more sunshine than clouds, with a high temperature close to 80° south, in the 70s north. 60s closer to the Canadian border.

This is pretty much the same front oscillating north and south across the region.

The front will become more active on Thursday with thicker clouds, cooler air high temperature mostly in the 60s, with rain developing later in the day and at night.

Most of New England will be wet on Friday, due to a number of factors.

We will have strong cold front in western New York, a warm front with low-pressure getting close to southern New England, and also the possibility of a tropical low pressure system off the eastern United States coast.

The national hurricane center says tropical cyclone Otto may form and start progressing northward parallel to coast east of North Carolina later Friday or Saturday.

This all adds up to periods of rain Friday and Saturday, and we will have to keep an eye out if Otto does spin up, the track will be tricky.

Many more details on any Otto potential is forthcoming within 24 hours.

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